What better way to ring in the holidays?



Daniel Braum
Brendan DuBois
Dana Cameron
Kristen Dearborn
Jeff Deck
Karen Dent
Roxanne Dent
Amber Fallon
Craig Shaw Gardner
Christopher Golden
Scott Goudsward
Chris Irvin
Toni Kelner (Leigh Perry)
Nate Kenyon

 Izzy Lee
Bracken Macleod
John McIlveen
James Moore
Errick Nunnally
Doug Rinaldi
Rob Smales
Thomas Sniegoski
E.J. Stevens
Paul Tremblay
Tony Tremblay
Douglas Wynne



About John M. Mcilveen

John M. McIlveen is the author of the paranormal suspense novel, HANNAHWHERE (Winner of the 2015 Drunken Druid Award (Ireland) and Nominee for the 2015 Bram Stoker Award. He is also the author of two story collections, INFLICTIONS, and JERKS AND OTHER TALES FROM A PERFECT MAN and the well-received novelette GOT YOUR BACK. A father of five daughters, he works at MIT's Lincoln Laboratory, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Haverhill House Publishing LLC, and lives in Haverhill, MA with his wife, Roberta Colasanti.
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